Hug + one

I have moved on to a new chapter in this huggable life of mine
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As you can clearly see, the reason for my very peaceful mood is... I'm pregnant!
I am very fortunate to tell you that the first trimester went by pretty easily and I'm already 5 months pregnant. My belly is growing little by little and we're expecting a little girl :)
We are so excited and happy, I can't even begin to describe...
With all this excitement I of course, had to immediately start to organise my closet, and bought my first pregnancy attire (just a shirt) on ASOS maternity.
I thought I'd done a pretty good job with the closet, but I already feel the options on what to wear are getting slimmer as I get bigger. No Worries! You'll hear all about it soon.. It will probably be as hilarious as it is in real life (you have to laugh about these silly things, right?).
Happy and stylish Rosh HaShana to all my lovely huggers.
Thank you for staying tuned, I am back and here to stay

*I am already addicted to interior design blogs for nurseries! but would love to hear more recommendations if you have any.

Serenity Now

It's been quite a while since I last held a pen and documented my life,
my loves and my clothes. In the last few months this  amazing sense
of serenity and peacefulness has come over me.
All of a sudden after a very active year, I stopped, took a huge galp of fresh air and smiled. Of course nothing happens without a reason and I definitely have a very special reason. I missed you my lovely followers and readers, I missed my pen and I just missed this... Stay tuned for my special reason for my serenity now :)