Naked is not an eyeshadow

I know it's summer and it shouldn't be a surprise but it is so hot outside!
Every time I leave my home studio I need a damn good reason to do that, leave the aircon and go out onto the scorching hot street and put on fabric that sticks to my body.
After a 5 min walk to Tel Aviv university library I wished I was at least in my underwear instead of any other garment. I'm not a nudist but sometimes I wish I could relinquish social convention in this abysmal hit,  and I would grant everyone a pass on wearing clothes if they wish it.
Have a cool chilly rest of the week <3

Hungry Event Hippo

I admit that I don't go out as much. Prioritising is key when juggling work, motherhood, marriage and all other forms of life (friends, family and inspiration).
Easy to say that events are not at the top of my list, but I admit going to an event supporting art is one I can get behind.
Usually leaving the house is involved in a very swift prep which almost never includes food. Like a very hungry hippo I've arrived to the event with my mother, and while she shmused around with the museum clique I picked up as much nibbles as I can fit in a napkin and nibbled away like a little mouse in the most embarrassing way.
Fortunately there were enough fashion industry personalities that I interested no one.

Bottom line- Castro fashion company is opening Tel Aviv Museum of Art every Thursday evening for free throughout August, alongside a T-shirt collaboration with Israeli artists.
Get your inspiration on and visit the museum!

Back in Stock

A lot has happened this past year-
went back to school to get my Masters degree in Design, my baby girl is almost a toddler, 
and my efforts as a freelance artist and designer has become complicated than ever.
One of the basic things that changed the most is my view on fashion- I've become more aware of my consumption, and my taste has been transformed with the many changes that my body went through, throughout the pregnancy and the periods after that.
I want my day to day fashion to be simple but accurate, to love the entire pile in my closet instead of wearing the same shirt numerous times.
Saved items from the past are getting their fare share of attention and new brands are becoming my go-to online shopping destination.

So glad to be back sharing me thoughts and experiences, my views and my life as a creative woman and a mom.
Have a Hug-filled week