Falling for FALL

I cannot believe it has been that long since I started illustrating my little girl.
She's almost as old as a full term pregnancy. Unfortunately I got held up by started working from home while my cutie-pie is yet to enter kindergarden.
Although my plate is pretty full, sometimes I feel its not full enough. Some baby illustrating fixed that right up and just put a big ol' smile on my face.
As my much as I love wonted clothes for me I love it even more for her!
Did anyone say "mini coats & sweaters obsession"?
Let the fall begin <3

Post Pregnancy Delights

There are many joyous moments and sweet delights in having a baby.
I personally had a very sweet and calm pregnancy, so my glow was definitely coming from within.
Even after that cute little creature was born I seldom complained
and focused on my very comfortable loving baby.
3 months after giving birth the hair hit the fan and I found trails of hair everywhere I went.
And when I say everywhere I mean- walking around with a broom all day- everywhere.
No worries, this too has passed and my hair is getting better an stronger everyday.
Have a luscious week <3

Saccharine accessory

There's something about dressing her up first, that makes me want to be matching.
I know a baby is not an accessory... But aren't they, though?!
It's so much fun to literally play dress up.
Since I'm still organising my closet (separating the pregnancy clothes, from the ones who still remember me from before), my options are limited. Luckily my wonderful mom came to the rescue with this silk buttoned down shirt, that has little dessert illustrations on it. With Tamara dressed in her ice-cream playsuit & hat, we were too sweet to handle.
Have a sugary week <3